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SANTINT is an industry leader and innovator committed to R & D. We specialize in manufacturing and servicing of mixing and tinting machines, for both automotive refinish and decorative paint industries.

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A4 M3 S4 MS3 G36 G360 V10 V360 Perfitall

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  • AH1000 Automatic Dispencer

    AH1000 Automatic Dispencer

    AH1000 Automatic Dispencer

    Automatic Dispenser

    1. Any size can at full speed.

    2. High performance AC motors.

    3. Smart and smarter.

    4. Smooth and quiet operation.

    5. Dust resistant.

    6. Freedom of choice.

    7. For safety and protection

    8. Relocation made simple.

    9. A bright clear LCD display.